Cold Weather Camping Tent – Feel Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Keen on holidaying in Karakoram and the mighty Himalayas or other such snow-bound areas? Then you need the basic multi-layered clothing and camping kit to keep the chill at bay! This includes packing smart bedding and a sturdy cold weather camping tent of which the new-age, easy to assemble all-season Expedition tents are! It’s your choice whether you buy or rent out a light, modern cold weather camping tent that comes in many durable fabric choices, space afforded, tent-poles in compact storage sizes and also afford better ventilation.

Want to Know about Seasonal Tent Ratings? Here’s the lowdown!

The best kind of cold weather hiking tent you can take along to the extreme weather conditions like described above, is the kind that comes with a Four Season rating; this variety provides superior protection against all types of high country weather conditions as compared to the shield provided by the Three Season and Summer tents.

The cold weather hiking tent is made of stronger material and tent-poles so is more effective in demanding weather situations of high country; those that are all-season campers will definitely enjoy the flexible variety of the Three season tent that allows one to remove or un-zip panels, though less hardy as compared to the Four season variety.

The Four season variety is durable, sturdy and long-lasting besides being the right type for the extreme climatic conditions and come with extra poles, stronger fabrics, shorter profiles, storm-flaps and secured loops for guy lines and pegs. Thus, the 4-season camping tents made exclusively for the expedition-trekker kind are ideal for facing inclement weather conditions!

Kinds of Tents

The best cold weather camping tent is rounded, has a double wall protective shield of material that faces the wind and shrugs off the snow while also acting as a suitable lining support.

Some are shaped like domes, others give a tunnel-look but both kinds of tents are suitable for camping during summer, spring and autumn as they are spacious, even though wind-resistance is low in extreme climate. The common free standing variety has a square base with a dual pole dome, modified into the triple pole dome with a hexagon-base for better ground-grip.

The first choice of extreme climate trekkers is the Geodesic tent (3 or more tent poles crossed-over) or the dome-tunnel combi-style. The cold weather camping tent featuring a tub floor and opposite doors, multiple vestibules (for easy movement) and gear lofts besides separate kitchen area is by far the best kind of tent for those heading for high altitude high jinks!

Camping out at high altitudes is a great experience if adequate precautions and advance preparations are taken into consideration: smart campers should buy appropriate winter camping gear and accessories, besides the cold weather camping tent and insulated clothes that prevent sweat from forming on the skin but protect against blizzards and hurricane-like conditions.

Set-tent on solid ground, keeping vents open to avoid drip condensation taking place on the surface of the tent material and include buying sleeping support/ seat-pads made of foam or the mummy sleeping bag (has space for extra sleeping bag liners). With these done, setting out on a winter expedition that includes camping on high-altitude will be challenging, unforgettable and safe fun in colder climes!