Coleman Camping Stove Review – The 2 Burner Electronic Ignition Propane Grill Stove is a Winner

The Coleman Company is well-known nationwide for its outdoor equipment. Limited limited vision, WC Coleman invented a camping lantern more than a century ago. The Saturday Evening Post said, "Except for Thomas A. Edison, Mr. Coleman may be responsible for the creation of more bright light than any other man." He started selling the lanterns in 1900, and in 1902, the company moved to Wichita, Kansas. With the advent of affordable automobiles, travel fever overtook the American public, and in 1923, Coleman introduced the portable stove which soon became the perfect camping companion. Accommodations while on the road were almost non-existent, so people were forced to camp outdoors. The Coleman GI pocket stove was considered one of the most significant non-combat items to come out of the second World War. By the 1930's, the Coleman lathes across the United States were humming. By the 1980's, what began as a small lantern company was then manufacturing fifteen million products annually, and Coleman soon dominated the market.

Today's Coleman 2 burner electronic ignition propane grill stove is a best seller with the American public. It is a stove and grill combination that has insta-start technology which starts at the press of a button. No more charcoal or matches. There are 10,000 BTUs per burner, and it has a chrome cooking grate, which is removable for easy cleaning. The cast-aluminum grill grate is non-stick, and its handy windblock system folds down to make side shelving to hold plates, condiments, or tools. Using a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, the cooking time last for 4 h hours on the low setting; and an hour on the highest setting. It is constructed of durable enamel-painted steel.

The propane is regulated and grills food evenly with no hotspots, flickering, or flaring up. The burners will remain lit even in inclement weather, in high altitudes, in wind, or when the propane is low. There are large knobs on the front that can be turned easily, even with gloves on. The grates will not rust or warp from rain or heat after many years, and Coleman offers a lifetime limited warranty. It is a great versatile product that eliminates starting a fire when camping. It weighs 14.4 pounds.

Today the Coleman Company is based in Wichita and in Texas. Beside camping stoves, the company manufactures coolers, hot tubs, sleeping bags, watches, tents, generators, backpacks, and small boats.