Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent

As a young boy growing up in New York City I realized that camping and popping tents was something that other kids did. Not me. My imagination got me there but we didn’t have the ground space to really put my ideas into use. A couple of friends and I decided that if we could pop a tent down the street, in one of the yards, that we could accomplish our little get-away. Using our resourcefulness we got sheets, broom sticks, blankets, wire and whatever else we could find to realize out dream of “Camping Out”.

Mothers do not appreciate their stock of sheets, brooms, and mops being used along with whatever else was necessary to build our “home away from home”. We, however, were on our path to start our first camping trip down the street and build (pop) our own tent no matter what. The “what” of it was that it was just not allowed. My mother said that the city had ordinances and laws and whatever else that would prevent us from realizing our dream, and my mother got her stock of sheets back, so all was well from her point of view.

It took a while, once we moved out of the city, to really pitch my own tent thanks to my mother’s Christmas gift of a Coleman Tent. What a wonderful experience and one I could share with my friends and my mother could keep her sheets and whatever else she kept in storage for her own use. It didn’t matter any longer; I had a tent and a yard of my own. I wanted to pitch a tent everywhere. What an adventure!

I learned since that tents come in many sizes and there are wonderful gadgets to make your camping experience so much better. Design choices available nowadays come in Avain, pyramid, traditional A-frame, modified A-frame, hoop, wedge and dome. The size of your tent will be determined by the size of the number of people you want to accommodate. Amongst the many choices available, the Coleman Elite Montana 8 Tent is an excellent choice. Not only is it the best available, it will provide an experience that you and your family will enjoy time and again.

Coleman tents are not only adaptable to all kinds of weather but are very affordable, from $65.00 to $300.00 plus whatever other gadgets you may want to add.

Convenient features include:

• Reverse angle windows for comfortable ventilation, even in bad weather

• 350 lumen remote control LED Tent Power and Lighting System

• Fiberglass shock cord poles, continuous pole sleeves, and Insta-Clip attachments for easy setup

• Front awning/ porch and privacy wings for open air living

• 16′ x 7′ floor space

• Carrying weight is 25 lbs.

Coleman guarantees the utmost quality whether you are a trekker or a serious mountain climber. The “Weather Tech” system boasts easy set-up, whether large or small and all their tents are vigorously inspected at their factories.

It seems that everything has turned out nicely after all. Thanks to the Coleman Company and its wonderful products that have made a home away from home a wonderful experience for me and my friends.