Colour Match Your Room With Laminate Flooring

When you’re doing a redecoration, you want to get everything just right. After all, it’s your home. You live here. And you’d like it to be perfect. That’s why you’ll spend hours in the DIY store looking for the exact shade of paint to match your old walls, and it’s why you’ll drive all the way to one on the other side of town if this one doesn’t have the one you need. Matching and balancing colours is the key to a welcoming and attractive room, and that goes for more than just the paint and the furniture. Choosing the right floor can make all the difference to the look and feel of your room.

Laminate floors offer one great advantage over other forms of flooring such as carpeting or tiles; they are highly versatile. Laminate floors come in an almost limitless array of different shades, effects and finishes. Because of the protective plastic film that distinguishes laminate floors from others, they make a sensible practical choice as well.

A closer look at the range of styles on offer reveals that there is a laminate floor to suit every home.

Dark wood

Dark wood effects can balance a room with furniture in paler shades such as beige and ivory, saving the room from dullness. Combined with bright walls, a dark floor can bring a touch of striking designer elegance to a living room or kitchen.

Light wood

Traditionally, pale shades of wood resembling beech are particularly popular in flooring. Laminate offers the appeal of a classic and authentic-looking wood-style floor at far lower price than real wooden flooring. These shades are complemented by darker furniture, but can also be combined with white or pastel upholstery to create an oasis of calm.


To bring a slightly Mediterranean mood to a sunlit room or conservatory, stone effect tiling works a treat. Available in a variety of different colours, the paler tints with their realistic patterned texture can suffuse your home with a relaxed continental ambience.


Marble is majestic. If you are looking to make an impression in your home, the traditional choice for palaces and stately homes cannot go amiss. This attractive stone finish works especially well in the kitchen, where it might inspire you to cook up feasts fit for kings, while perfectly setting off your furniture and appliances.


For a hint of drama and distinction, a dark granite effect floor is a perfect choice. Not only is this stone the favourite in chef’s kitchens the world over, but it can be stunning in bathrooms, where the juxtaposition of white porcelain with a black granite floor adds a touch of old world glamour to what can often be the most boring room in the house.

So release your inner Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and experiment with colour. The floor’s the limit when it comes to choosing a laminate style. Use your imagination and take advantage of the veritable rainbow of colours and effects on offer.