Commercial Induction Cookers – For the Professional Or Home Kitchen

A commercial induction cooker can hold its own in the demanding environment of any professional kitchen. Professional chefs, short order cooks, restaurant owners, catering businesses, cooking schools — all can benefit from the fantastic performance offered by a good commercial-grade induction cooktop. They are the perfect choice for many specific applications, as well as in the midst of a busy professional kitchen.

Chefs who are used to cooking on a gas range may find an induction cooker strange at first, but a few days (or just hours) of experience will convince any chef that this appliance is here to stay! Every chef wants a cooker that offers precise control and a fast response time — which is why gas has ruled the professional kitchen for so long. Radiant electric elements are much too slow, and cannot be adjusted with the precision needed to manage the preparation of multiple dishes of various types. But the advent of the commercial induction cooker has brought this form of electric cooktop to the forefront where it belongs.

Quite simply, induction cookers provide faster response times and more precise temperature control than any gas range. Add to that an 80-90% efficiency rate, superior safety, a whole range of available performance-enhancing features, together with ease of use and maintenance, and you have a kitchen appliance that makes good sense!

Perhaps you need a dedicated cooking station within your professional kitchen, or an appliance for a front-end cooking station where the public is going to see the cooker in action. Induction cookers are sleek and attractive, easy to keep clean, and very safe for use in situations where your clientele may get quite close to the appliance. You can choose a single or dual zone unit, have it built-in or go with a portable model, and get exactly the wattage you need for your specific application.

Another place where commercial induction cookers really shine is at catered events where you need a portable unit that can be used to prepare full meals and to keep dishes warm without ruining them. They fit the bill perfectly for cooking shows or competitions, demonstration events, or as the primary appliance for businesses that specialize in catering with on-site food preparation.

If you specialize in wok-based cuisine you’ll be thrilled to discover that you can get a commercial induction wok-cooker, where the zone itself is shaped to accept a wok. The entire bottom half of the wok itself becomes your cooking surface — how cool is that! With faster cooking times and a more responsive cooker, it becomes that much easier to time dishes that have to be just right when they leave the kitchen.

But don’t think that a commercial induction cooktop is only for a professional chef. On the contrary, these appliances can be the perfect choice for places like community center kitchens, church kitchens, daycare centers, soup kitchens, etc. In all of these situations, where there may be many different people working in the kitchen from day to day, with a wide range of experience (or lack of experience!), the safety of induction cookers is a huge bonus. Add to that the convenience, ease of use and easy cleanup — and you have a recipe for the perfect appliance.

Commercial induction cookers can work well in the home, too. If you have a large family or do a lot of entertaining, run a part-time home catering business or just plain love to cook a lot, then you might want to consider this option. Built to professional standards, commercial induction cooktops are very rugged; if you choose a good brand you can expect many years of reliable service. You will pay more than you would for a residential model, so you have to decide whether that is an investment you want to make. But if you’re a big fan of Oriental dishes and “wok-cooking” is your middle name, then you might be quite happy to invest in an induction wok-cooker; it’s a tool you’ll love to use every day.

No matter what your particular situation, there is a commercial induction cooker that can meet your needs. A small amount of homework will help you to identify well-known brands that have a good reputation; and make sure you look into specific features — whether for convenience, performance or safety.