Commercial LULA Elevators

Commercial LULA elevators, or Limited Use Limited Access elevators, are practical solutions for meeting accessibility challenges of old and disabled people. These are designed to provide speedy access to multi-storied commercial buildings more conveniently and safely.

Only a limited space is required to install LULA elevators, and often they require lesser pit area. These mobility equipments are perfect for use in hospitals, schools, lodges, railway stations, airports, churches, clubs, meeting halls, and more.

A Wide Variety of Designs and Features

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of LULA elevator models in varying designs, speed ranges, and finishes. Each has its own set of features, emphasizing functionality and efficiency. Most of the models come with standard features such as electromechanical interlocks, automatic controls, emergency light and alarm, handrails, manual or automatic entrances, overspeed governor, car top inspection station, plastic laminated cab panels, stainless steel control panel and trim, and more.

Best Option for Commercial Buildings

The Orion LULA elevator is a popular model manufactured by Savaria Concord. This is a heavy-duty, fully enclosed model, designed for use in low-rise commercial buildings comprising two to four floors. It has all the essential features similar to that of a high-rise mobility system. This model has added safety features such as flow control valve, backup lighting, interlocks, slack rope safeties, negative pressure module, and more.

Yet another popular model in the category of Limited Use/Limited Application elevators is the Serenus LULA elevator, manufactured by Federal Elevator. This model is best suited for small-scale use by persons having mobility problems and physical disabilities. This model comes equipped with fully automatic two or three speed horizontal sliding doors. Apart from these, it has many standard features, which make this model the most desirable and user friendly solution for easy accessibility.