Commercial Painting – The Best Way to Choose Colors For a Commercial Building Exterior

Commercial painting is more than just slapping a color of paint on your structure. The best way to choose colors for a commercial building exterior is to consider what the choice of color will have to say to those to enter the building. It is possibly more about how the color choice will make a visitor feel or the people who spend several hours a day in the dwelling. Colors evoke emotional responses and can be either inviting or disparaging.

The paint for your commercial building should be one that will be inviting to your customers and make them want to enter your dwelling. For instance, painting your building a shade of orange will present the message that the store is very casual and offers bargain basement type deals. This is a good message if it is indeed the intent of your store. If you are looking for opulence and elegance, orange shades are not your best choice. Not only should the color be an invitation to customers but the type of business makes a difference. Many bars and restaurants decorate with red because red makes a person feel hungry. A spa or gym would not want to use red.

The color green says healing and caring so this is a good color for clinics while law offices and the like would do well with brown or grey as these convey the feeling of being strong, study and trustworthy. Colors that will set the main color scheme off should be in the same hue or family which is called a monochromatic look. As an example, the exterior of a building painted in sage green can be accented with a deep hunter green in the trim of the windows and roof lines and doorways. This gives a very elegant feeling. The main color needs an accent color for trim to bring it to life that is the same hue and either a little lighter or a littler darker than the main color.

If you want a color that will express an environment of being calm and receptive and trustworthy then a combination of blue with either a brown or green for the accent will bring this message. Using a steel blue/grey with a dark grey accent trim gives the feeling of being strong, enduring and yet tranquil. Experts say that people who are around yellow for a long period of time will end up losing their tempers. Although this makes it hard on the staff that works in a yellow environment, it is a strong drawing card that grabs attention quickly. Yellow is usually seen on signs like safety or caution signs because it grabs attention. Your decision would need to be do you want to present an attention grabber message that could eventually lead to high emotional responses or do you want the soothing and sturdy message of blues, grays and browns?

If the choice is still confusing you might go to a point store and look at the brochures of the exterior paint section. They will have pictures of houses and buildings done in different colors with coordinated colors for trim and accent areas. Look at these in the sunlight and see how they make you feel.