Commercial Property Agents – Time Management Barriers and How to Fix Them

Most commercial salespeople struggle with time or neglect it to a large degree in their job. They agreeently get little of the important stuff done every day. Over an extended period this means less opportunity and less responsibilities.

If I was to put a ratio on this I would suggest out of all the sales teams that I have worked with I have seen only 10% of the people really control their time and tasks every day. This is remarkable problem for sales team leaders and yet a great opportunity for the salespeople that can get organized and focused on doing the right things in their career.

For those salespeople that do get organized and focused, the conversions of new business and listing opportunity is far more significant. Here are some of the critical components of a salespersons day that need to be optimized in your diary or time management system:

  1. Your current clients need regular updates regards the status of lists and inquiries.
  2. Existing lists need to be marketed comprehensively into your prospecting database.
  3. Current market share should be monitored through signboard counts and with regular advertising tally.
  4. Prospecting should occur every day so you are finding new people to talk to that may have an interest in property.
  5. Negotiated deals should be monitored so you know that things are still on track and moving for your client.

These 5 things can take up a huge amount of time and yet they have to be done. Prospecting is the most important out of all of them and that single fact will impact your business in a major way if you neglect the process.

As a way forward here I would suggest that a strict time management process is adopted by every salesperson in commercial real estate that wants to improve their business. Making wise choices time is really important, and then following through on the choices is critical.

Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • It will take some weeks of struggle to implement this new system of time management
  • Other people will try to imposes on your time with things that are important to them.
  • Events will happen that you do not expect and will have to be handled.

If you can break through these barriers then you will find that results start to occur. Make no mistake here; the results only come to the people that really work to a plan and focus. Luck may occur from time to time but actions and focus are the only things that you can control. It is all up to you.