Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

A lot have been said about Catering equipment, supplies, hire and leasing, about the products and the suppliers. I am going to focus on a certain type of equipment this time and that is Commercial Refrigeration Equipment. Below are a few of the companies that offer this equipment:

RS Refrigeration

This is a very well known and respected company in its industry; they have 30 years experience (in cooling solutions and refrigeration) and have been established since 1974. They strive to offer a better service than their competitors and deal in a wider aspect of service. Not only do they have one of the largest ranges of refrigeration equipment but also offer a top class air conditioning service with a company full of expert engineers. Their refrigeration products include Evaporators, Ice Machines, Condensing Units, Cold Rooms, Catering Cabinets, Freezers and Fridges.

Refrigeration Specialists UK Directory

Now this company is completely different and i would recommend it if you really do not know where to search and want to compare prices of different stores. They are an advertising site strictly for companies that offer Refrigeration. Select your area from a drop down list and it will show you every company that offer that service in your area. It offers a short description of the company so you can scan through and see if they are offering what you are after and then a link to their website.

The directory is a very good way to search for refrigeration equipment and should help you find the right company to suit your requirements.