Common Knowledge About Your Car

Most people do not know much about their car. They do not want to trouble themselves with that,they think it is not important at all or simply think that pushing the pedals and turning the steering wheel is enough trouble already. But in situations (like an arm-chair conversation about cars) people find themselves sticking out like a sore thumb.

That is the more harmless part. The lack of car-knowledge could be potentially troublesome.What happens in case of a needed car repair and you do not know squat about your car or even what to repair?

What happens when you want to sell your car and do not know the basics? The chances of a proper sale is seriously reduced.

So for people who want to know more here is some useful things you should know about your car:

1. Car manufacturer

2. Model and type

3. Type of engine (petrol or diesel)

4. Engine configuration (“V” or in-line)

5. Type of transmission (manual or automatic and number of gears)

6. The correct type of engine fuel you use

7. The vintage of your car (the manufacturing year)

8. The correct mileage or kilometers on your car

9. Engine size (in cubic inches or centimeters)

10. Basic orientation under the hood (in case of repair)

Seems overwhelming? It is not at all. You can squeeze all of this into one sentence and it will take only a few minutes to learn this. Who knows, maybe it can get you more interested in cars and perhaps, one day, do some car repair yourself.

So, if your a car driver, this is some knowledge you have to have. Not having it is like sitting at the table not knowing the purpose of the fork and spoon.