Common Types of Insulation

Basements are the coldest rooms inside of the house because of how dark and damp they are. They receive almost no sun and the cold air that collects will seep into the household upstairs. This can cause your bills to go up around the winter months and make it nearly impossible to do things in the basement.

The best way to save yourself a bit of money and to make it easy to utilize all throughout the year is to install basement insulation. There are a few different types to pick out from. Each one will vary in price and the method that it is put in.


This is a large blanket of insulation that is attached to a sheet of paper. These are cut at widths and are set in between wall studs. It is better to purchase ones that are precut because it has the ability to save you time of doing it on your own. This is best utilized in new basements or for when you need to replace old insulating material.

Foam Board

These are thick, fixed panels of foam that have been cut to fit in between the wall studs. This is one of the best to put in. It does not have to be stapled to the studs while it is being unwound but will stick to it. The good thing about this, is it does not have tiny particles of fiberglass that will fall off when utilizing it. This will make using it risk-free. This will have the ability to be used in preexisting walls and new walls.

Concrete Block

This is utilized for new basements. It is put in by putting down a block in which the cells have been filled with insulation. Homeowners can easily fill the blocks with the basement insulating material or can purchase foam inserts.