Communication Barriers – How to Overcome Them?

First of all in order to overcome communication barriers one needs to develop self-esteem and self-confidence. It also helps to build up the ability to see every act of inadequate human manifestation of his psychological characteristics and perhaps psychological problems.

Typical communication mistakes:

  • False expectations of the partner (the wrong expectations arise as a result of the following error: If we don’t know a person enough, but only some of his positive or negative things, we often complete his image as positive or negative, and then connect our expectations with the image we have created ourselves).
  • We think that a partner must guess what we feel (it is better to clearly articulate our expectations, explain the reasons, etc.).
  • We fail to grasp the subtext of the conversation (often we do not assume that our partners also might not directly express their wishes and true mood).
  • If others’ behavior make us uncomfortable, we presume that they treat us bad, and even doing it to spite us (however, the reason can be quite different; people are usually saddened and irritated by the unjust accusations of abuse; it turns out that we ourselves provoke conflict)
  • We try to meet the expectations of the interlocutor (in communication with a person, this leads to unnatural relationships, which are often found at the most inopportune moment; on the contrary if we are manipulated, the impact is even worse).

Life confronts us with different people. Very rarely it gives us the opportunity to communicate with those with whom barriers would not arise. Therefore, we should be lenient to manifestations of uncommunicativeness and be able to avoid conflicts. To overcome communication barriers, you need to diagnose yourself or your partner, and build your behavior so that will reduce or eliminate the barrier.