Comparison Between Some Types of Bearings

Ball bearing is a commonly used kind of mechanical product. It is a type of rolling-element bearing which uses balls to maintain the separation between the moving parts of the bearing. Generally, they are made out of steel.

Hydraumatic bearing is another kind. It has hydraulic fluid and oil that fits within the metal sections which makes the joints in the machine run smoother. Sleeve bearings utilize a central shaft that rotates inside of a cylinder separated by a layer of lubricant. And they are usually applied to connect devices moving at variable speeds.

These three bearing products have many advantages as well as disadvantages. Ball bearings have a wide range of applications. They can commonly be used in machinery industry and in wheels of vehicles like cars, buses and motorcycles. Generally, they can last a long time, but the actual lifespan should be based on the usage, the pressure they get, and the maintenance measures. Besides, their design allows them to be positioned vertically or horizontally without ill effect. And they also generate little friction. However, they also have many disadvantages. For example, when compared to the sleeve bearings, they are louder and create a higher-frequency sound.

Hydraumatic bearing are very durable and quiet. They can function smoothly. They also have special applications. However, they also bear some negative aspects. For instance, they do require maintenance to keep them in shape.

As to sleeve bearings, although they have many defects such as reduced lifespan when used in a non-vertical position, decreased life of devices under high-temperature environments and so on, their advantages still outweigh their disadvantages. They are much quieter than equivalent ball bearings and they work well in quiet environments. Usually, they also have an expected lifetime in low-temperature environments. Moreover, they are less expensive.

According to the above content, we can conclude that different bearing types have their own characteristics. Therefore, they can be applied to meet people’s various requirements.