Compassion and Empathy

Disconnected & Attached

Disconnected from my True Source of Emotional Power, I need to be Attached to other people. Other people supply the emotional power that I need when I am disconnected from my Source. I attach myself to people who give me power emotionally, because they ‘love’ me. I am attached to people who I need emotionally.

I grieve when someone is no longer able to meet my needs emotionally. In a state of being disconnected, I am unaware of my emotional attachments. In my disconnected state, I have insufficient power to be consciously aware of what I need emotionally. Unaware of my emotional energy needs renders my Self unaware of my emotional attachments.

When I become conscious of my disconnection, I can consciously connect to my source of emotional power within and detach from the need for other people to supply my emotional power. I exclusively connect to my emotional power within through the emotional state of my Beingness. With the attainment of being sensitively detached from other people, I am no longer dependent on them for my emotional energy. I am unattached to other people emotionally and connected to my own source of emotional power.

Sensitive Detachment

Being Apathetic is being insensitive to others & disconnected emotionally from others. Being Sympathetic is being sensitive to others but attached emotionally to others. Apathy & Sympathy are negative personal attributes because they are not of my choice. I choose to relate in a sensitive way with others, without being needy & attached, which is Compassionate. I choose to be detached from others emotionally, without being aloof & disconnected, which is Empathic. With Compassion & Empathy, I attain Sensitive Detachment.

With apathy & sympathy, I have an insensitive attachment to others. Apathetic insensitivity is not detachment, it is disconnection from others emotionally. Sympathetic attachment is not sensitivity, it is the need to look after, care for, and to be needed by others. Empathic Compassion requires both Sensitivity & Detachment. It requires a sensitive connection and an awareness of who someone else is Being, without the need to be attached emotionally.

Empathic Compassion

Empathic Compassion requires Sensitive Detachment. Sensitive Detachment requires both the compassion of sensitivity and the sensitivity of compassion, and it requires both the empathy of detachment and the detachment of empathy. Being sensitive is compassionate. Compassion is the energetic connection of emotional power that is a shared experience between two individuals. I have compassion when I feel the source of power that is within another as a reflection of the source of power that is within my Self. Compassion is the power of two Souls in unison & harmony. Being detached is empathic.

Empathy is the energetic connection of authority that is a shared choice between two individuals. I have empathy when I know that I am able to walk the same path as another and be in alignment with their true choice of authority. Empathy is the choice of two Souls in congruent alignment. Compassionate Empathy is the alignment of my True Power & Authority with the Soul of another.

Compassionate Empathy

Compassionate Empathy requires both rational and emotional intelligence. Empathy requires a rational intelligence and an understanding of what is occurring in this physical world. When I understand what someone else is experiencing from a physical, rational perspective, I am in empathy with their situation. I empathise with another when I share or have shared a similar physical experience of life. Being compassionate requires emotional intelligence and an awareness of another person’s emotional energy. When I understand the state of someone else’s emotional energy what they have and what they need emotionally, I have a compassionate awareness of their state of being. I am compassionate when I share or have shared a similar emotional experience as another. Whether the experiences that I have shared appeared at the time to be either positive or negative is irrelevant to my ability to be both compassionate & empathic now. It is my ability to now see an experience as a positive opportunity for personal growth that requires my Compassionate Empathy.

Compassion & Empathy

Compassion & Empathy are opposing genders of emotional energy. Compassion has a female gender of power. Empathy has a male gender of authority. Compassion has a polarity opposite of sympathy. Empathy has a polarity opposite of apathy. In my quest to attain sensitive detachment, both compassion & empathy have a positive polarity because they are in alignment with my intention.

When I attain empathy with compassion and I can attribute compassion with empathy, the gender of my Beingness comes into balance. The yin & yang of my male & female energy unifies as Compassionate Empathy and Empathic Compassion. When I act with neither sympathy nor apathy, I cancel out both the male & female aspects of my negative state of being. I cannot be insensitive, aloof, disconnected, attached, inclusive, unemotional, or irrational, and attain the attribute of either Compassion or Empathy. The attributes of both Compassion & Empathy require the attainment of not only Sensitive-Detachment, but also an Exclusive-Connection to my True Source of Power & Authority with Rational & Emotional Intelligence.

Keith Collins

August 2011