Competing With a Low Carb Diet Plan

The low carb diet plan continues to gain popularity among people aware of their weight. Its effectiveness is set at a record level, however this should not really be surprising at all.

There is another diet quickly get its fair share of notice. Its biggest attraction also lies in the high efficiency.

Known as the alkaline diet, this weight loss program has recently been collecting carbohydrate-free diet, when it comes to public acceptance. Surprisingly, its basic philosophy happens to be one that comes in direct contrast to that of its nearest competitor.

If you look at the basic premise of this food regimen, you will discover that it promotes a very low consumption of meat, cheese, and all other foods rich in fat and protein.

Conversely, a low carb diet allows you to eat as much pork and cheese as you want. But limit your intake of carbohydrate-rich foods, including rice, pasta, bread, sugar, beans and others.

By virtue of its very different approach to weight loss, it still comes as a great surprise that an alkaline diet should enjoy continued popularity at the same level as low carbs. Maybe that is a common factor linking these two weight loss plans together, one that accounts for their public susceptibility.

If you try to look at these two different diet plans further, you will discover that they have a few things in common. For example, both are encouraging their supporters to take in very little processed grains and sugar. These foods are not only rich in carbohydrates, they are also acidifying.

Another common denominator between a low carb diet plan and an alkaline diet is effective. Both encourage limited consumption of certain types of food in general valid reasons. Alkaline Dieters keep the reduced intake of rice, wheat, corn, cheese, and many others because of their acidifying component. Similarly, those who just make carb regimens avoid these food varieties, of course, because of their rich carbohydrate content. In both cases a certain degree of fitness achieved, even through contrasting methods.

Ultimately it does not matter what diet is more effective. The important thing is that the desired results are achieved. A low carb diet is more direct in its approach. In contrast, an alkaline diet programs holds a more scientific approach in dealing with weight loss issues. But these two have only one goal, and both just happen to be quite effective to achieve it.