Components of Any Sensible Weight Loss Program

A day doesn’t go by without someone I run into tells me how they are trying to lose weight and get into better shape. The amazing thing about it is; for every person that has shared this goal with me seems to have a different idea on exactly how to go about losing weight and getting into better shape. Some of them are using Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or the South Beach diet. Most of them unfortunately are missing some key components from their weight loss program that would otherwise help them to achieve their goals and realize lasting results. Here I explain some of those essential components:

– Stay Hydrated:

– Vitamins & Minerals:

– Protein & Carbohydrates:

– Stretching:

– Weight Training:

– Aerobic Exercise:

– Rest:

Stay Hydrated: Water is among the top most important bodily needs to live and survive. Many folks are walking around in a constant state of dehydration and don’t realize it. Yes, your body needs water to survive, but equally as important it needs the water to perform many important functions. As an example; muscles are 90% water and dehydration can diminish their ability to function as designed. It is important that you drink plenty of water each day; about 8 full glasses.

Vitamins & Minerals: The food we are consuming these days, unfortunately, much of it doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to function at peak performance. Your body will need supplements if you are to maintain good health. Vitamins C, D & E will be necessary along with niacin and iron to help the body to perform important metabolic functions.

Protein & Carbohydrates: A balance of meats, vegetables, nuts and grains are crucial to any long term weight loss program. The body needs amino-acids to build new cells and muscles as well as the glucose carbohydrates provide for the production of energy. An imbalance of protein and carbohydrates is not a long term weight loss strategy that anyone can maintain. Eventually the body will breakdown from the depletion of one or the other.

Stretching: Your muscles store a lot of kinetic energy and stretching is one of the most efficient methods for releasing this energy. Stretching provides many other benefits such as more flexible tendons and muscle fibers. The benefits of stretching regularly can enhance performance and help you avoid injury. Daily stretching is a key component to any successful exercise routine or weight loss program.

Weight Training: Many people in the past have avoided weight training because they thought they would develop gigantic muscles. But the fact is weight training accelerates the metabolism faster then any other kind of exercise. Working the muscles progressively and consistently will burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Also stronger muscles are healthier muscles and will reward you with a better looking physique. Start up slow and build up the intensity as you progress.

Aerobic Exercise: Participating in an exercise program that is aerobic will help you burn fat your body has already stored away. Just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week and you can lose 2 to 3 pounds of excess body fat. Both the regularity and duration of your aerobic workouts are important if you want to see consistent weight loss results. Once you begin an aerobic exercise program then stick with it.

Rest: This is one of the most neglected and overlooked aspect of a weight loss program. Rest is the time for the body to repair, replace and rejuvenate the bones, muscles and tissues. At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night is mandatory for each individual. You will have more energy and enthusiasm if you make getting sufficient amounts of rest just as important as the any other component of your weight loss program.

A more broad perspective regarding your weight and your daily habits can help you to achieve more satisfying and consistent results. Start off both slowly and gradually when it comes to making changes. The body reacts to small changes much better then abrupt ones and small changes are easier to live up to as well. Embracing the 7 components listed above and giving them their rightful place in your weight loss program will help you achieve the results you desire.