Composite Doors – Secure Your Home

If security is your main concern, then a composite door is the ultimate choice for you. uPVC and wooden doors offer limited protection against potential attacks, falling short due to their design, materials and hardware. Two thirds of burglars gain entry through a door, so it is essential that you have a door which offers you the vital security you need to protect your home, family and belongings. As well as extra protection, a well secured home can add value to your property and benefit your insurance cover.

Whilst uPVC and wooden doors are easily kicked in, panels giving way and wood cracking, composite doors resist dents and cracks. The combination of materials used offer a much higher level of security than any other door, even before you consider the hardware used; other doors are likely to be security risks even with the best lock fitted.

Composite doors most often come with a Yale multi-point lock as standard. These locks have an anti-saw, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump cylinder with hardened pins to protect the lock. With a high performance 6-pin cylinder and enhanced key security of over 100,000 combinations, it is an above adequate lock to have securing your home. The high security lock is tested to an enhanced standard and approved by SBD (Secured by Design).

Secured by Design is a UK police scheme which is working to phase out poor security, raise industry standards and reduce the number of opportunities for criminal activities. SBD approved products have been tested to a greater level of attack than standard security tests and then certified as meeting the high 'police preferred' specification of security. The tests are kept up-to-date by using statistics on how burglars gain entry to properties as a guideline.

A multi-point lock has 3 different handle types for you to choose from. A lever / lever handle is often used for back doors – unless the deadbolt has been locked, you can open the door without needing to use a key. A lever / pad handle is more typical in front doors – a key is required if the deadbolt is locked or not. This prevails possible intruders from following you in, but the door is not fully secure until the deadbolt has been locked and the multi-point locks have been thrown. Finally, a split spindle lever / lever handle shows the same as the standard lever / lever handle, but operates in the same way as a lever / pad handle; the spindle is split internally and operates different parts of the multi-point locks.

Additional hardware is available for composite doors to upgrade the level of security. Spy holes offer extra protection by allowing you to discreetly view outside without needing to open the door. Security chains can protect you from intruders, allowing you to open the door promptly to talk to callers or accept small packages, with the door remaining a protective barrier. Laminated glass has a sheet of plastic fused between two panes of glass, creating an invisible, impermeable barrier that prevents intruders from breaking in.