Compression Stockings Increase Blood Circulation

Physicians recommend compression stockings for patients experiencing edema and vascular problems. There are several types of stockings that aid in patient recovery. Designed to increase circulation and reduce swelling in the legs, they are excellent for patients experiencing chronic venous problems.

Different Types

Compression hose, compression socks, knee-high, pantyhose and thigh-high are different types of compression stockings available. Other terms are anti-embolism, circular knit, custom, flat knit, lymphedema, silver and support socks.

Designed to promote circulation and reduce swelling, each one is valuable in the health and well-being of patients.

Why Are Stockings Used?

The decision to use a support hose on a patient is based on the type of illness they have. How long the support remains in effect depends on when or if the patient shows signs of improving. Regular check-ups will help determine whether they are helping enough or if other avenues, such as surgery, might be needed.

A physician or physical therapist determines the extent of the condition and makes an evaluation before recommending any support hose method to prevent further complications.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are often problematic for older patients and pregnant women. In the elderly, these types of veins can be troublesome and disabling. They often experience poor circulation and painful cramps because of improper blood flow. Characterized by unsightly and enlarged spider veins, the legs appear lumpy.

Support hose increase proper blood flow, which decreases the appearance of varicose veins. The hose will also prevent the condition from worsening as well as providing relief from pain.


Lymphedema is extreme swelling within the body. It most often affects the legs and exhibits an abnormal bloated appearance. Compression hose eases the swelling by influencing proper lymph circulation. They also help contain drainage of lymph fluid.


Deep vein thrombosis is the formation of leg clots. Compression devices increase circulation while preventing clots from forming.

Leg Sores

Venous ulcerations are open sores on the lower legs. They are extremely painful and can discharge fluid. Stockings and other methods contain the fluid and promote healing.

Poor Circulation

Orthostatic hypotension results from pooling of blood in the lower extremities. Patients feel light-headed and dizzy. Compression treatment reduces the pooling and promotes fewer symptoms.

Compression stockings can be purchased online or at a pharmacy. Patients should consult the physician on the type of stockings that should be worn. Frequency and duration of wearing compression socks should also be discussed. There are special varieties made for pregnant women, as well as men’s.