Computer Engineering Has Changed the World and the Way We Study Engineering

Computer Engineering has Changed the World When we were kids, no one had a computer and few ever imagined such a thing as a personal computer. The closest we came was a word processor. By the late 80’s and early 90’s the personal computer began to gain traction and when online services and then the internet gained a foothold, computers became more than just calculators or digital game machines. Moore’s law, named for Gordon Moore, Intel’s founder, stated that,” the number of transistors that can be placed cheaply on an integrated circuit will double every two years”. This remarkable statement has proved to be true and may be the central reason for the explosion of the internet and personal computing.

In the old days people commuted to jobs where they might use tools such as calculators, typewriters (or word processors,), copy machines, printers, fax machines as well as basic paper, pens, pencils and rulers to perform their jobs. On their off time they might read the paper, watch the game or a movie or talk to a friend. If the friend lived far away one had to call long distance on the phone. These days you can do all of these things simultaneously online while also doing your job! Computer engineers have created and continue to create a world of seemingly endless possibilities. The more people coming online offers more opportunity to design applications that entertain, educate and provide solutions to the challenges of our lives. Society has changed in so many ways, not the least in the ways we are educated and obtain the degrees and certifications required to get fulfilling careers with high salaries. Schools are offering access to degrees programs online. This allows for more flexible schedules which can mean the difference for those who already need to be working while the obtain the degree that can bring them to the next level in their career or create the opportunities college degrees can offer.

Many search engine university sites showcase innovative, online degree programs from new and more established schools alike. Prospective students should browse schools and request information about their programs. It doesn’t cost anything to get educated about getting educated! It makes sense to look into several schools to decide which school and program is the right one to achieve your career goals in computer engineering.

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