Computer Security, A Useful Guide

There are many types of malware, malicious software that pose threat to your computer security. These malicious objects have been designed with the intent to disrupt the normal use of your PC. Cyber criminals, known as hackers use these tools and employ various techniques to invade your privacy and cause you significant personal and/or financial harm. Malware get installed onto your computer via various sources like web browsing, instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing. These malicious objects pose great danger to your online computer security.

Viruses are the small piece of software program that can install itself and infect a PC. Viruses have potential to infect and corrupt files. Even sometimes, hard drive can also be crashed by viruses. These can spread via any medium while exchanging of digital data in a computer network. These include DVDs, CD-ROMs, USB keys, etc.

Spyware is another common malicious object that poses great threat to cyber security. These are installed with some other type of desired program without the knowledge of the PC user. Once these malevolent objects are secretly installed they can change computer settings, collect your passwords, your internet browsing history and private information. Then this information is sent to the author of the spyware. How will you understand your computer is infected by spyware? Well, there are various symptoms. If you experience sudden slowdown of your computer, it might be due to spyware.

Adware is another very annoying type of spyware. If your computer is infected by adware you will experience tremendous amount of advertising in the form of pop-up advertisements or banners scrolling across your screen. This is truly disturbing and distracting but they don’t pose that much threat like that of other types of spyware.

In the list of computer threats a worm is a notable name. This self-contained program not only can replicate itself but also use a network to infect other systems on the network. There are also worms that can secretly send documents though email to its author and even delete necessary files. Worm cause harm to other computers on the network as well as it consumes bandwidth. This means it slows down the computer and slows down web browsing.

To deal with cyber threats and enhance computer security you need to consult a tech support service provider. These service providers are highly experienced to cope with cyber threats. They will provide you with robust security so that you can stay away from all types of security threats.