Concept Vision and Objectives For Opening a New Restaurant

My restaurant will be a French-American Bistro called the Brasserie II. The cuisine will consist of French food such as Steak Diane, escargots, and Frog Legs Provencal. Obviously there will be burgers and deli style sandwiches for customers who don’t prefer the French cuisine. There will be a full-scale bar located in the restaurant with some high quality spirits and cocktails being served. There is already a restaurant in Portland named the Brasserie Monmartre. Competition will be at a high level to convert people to frequenting our restaurant.


In about 3 years after opening, I see the restaurant as becoming a profitable organization. There is no plan of opening a new restaurant anywhere else even after the restaurant exceeds its revenue goals steadily for some years. Instead, a possible expansion may include opening up a new floor to the restaurant depending on the location and the actual building the restaurant is in.

To meet my goals for this concept restaurant, I will want a four year degree in college rather than a 2 year degree. This will make my background more credible to investors. I would like to have more experience and teaching in marketing and accounting to maintain maximum profits in the restaurant.


What makes our restaurant unique is the level of customer service. An example is calling the customer by name. This is achieved by looking at the name on the check or credit card and remembering it. If there is a repeat customer, the servers, bartenders, etc. will be able to greet that person and call them by there first name. That will make them feel welcome and they will want to return.

Location will be a major part of the restaurant’s success. We will be located near the MAX line. Parking is horrible on a Friday or Saturday night. Customers could use the MAX line as a form of cheap, reliable, and safe mode of transportation. Also if a customer has too much to drink at the bar, they don’t have to worry about driving and receiving a DUI.


Our Mission Statement: “We will provide the best dining experience through our customer service. We will keep customers and their families wanting to visit again and again.”

Environmental Analysis of Major Environmental Factors


There are many relevant facts about the Portland area that will contribute to the success and demise of my restaurant concept. The most basic most common facts surrounding this issue are that the population of Multnomah County (Portland) is about 650,000. That is not including suburb cities such as Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Gresham.

With the population over half a million plus just in the city it is important to know the average income of employed individuals. That figure is averaged out to be about $34,500 annually. This fact is obvious that people will be spending money at the establishment with that amount of income.

The plan is broken down into about 6 different sub-categories. These factors that influence the marketing plan are Geological, Socio culture, Political, Economic, Global, and Technical. Each of these have certain opportunities and risks involved that can harm or increase business.

Socio-Culture Environmental:

The first aspect is the location of the Portland Metropolitan area. It is located in the Willamette Valley. The Willamette River divides Portland up into two sides the East and the West. Climate is very obvious; it rains about 35-40 inches each year because we are located in the Pacific Northwest.


The opportunities of the location are that transportation of products is cheaper due to the Willamette River providing a way to ship goods from the ocean to the city. The rain is not an opportunity, nor is it a risk. Oregonians are accustomed to the constant rainfall in the fall and the winter. Another opportunity would be the fact that there are several breweries and vineyards surrounding the Portland area. I plan to have a bar in the restaurant which will serve wine and beer from these local breweries and vineyards. Since they are so close, I can avoid high shipping and handling fees.


There are some minor risks, back in late 1996, the Willamette River flooded where the waterfront park was shut down. Somehow it affects the septic and sewage systems where businesses were hurt due to the weather. Also when there is minor snowfall, everybody seems to stay inside their house due to poor driving conditions.