Concrete Anchor Bolts

When constructing a building, anchor bolts are needed to attach object to concrete wall or base in order for the foundation to be stronger and more durable. With concrete anchor bolts, the structure is resistant to earthquakes and other phenomenon that may rock it. Concrete anchor bolts are the most sought-after bolts and it comes in different types for different purposes.

Types of concrete bolts include wedge bolts, best for interior applications; galvanized wedge bolts, which offer the best corrosion resistance; sleeve bolts, which are heavy duty anchors for use in brick, stone, concrete or block; strike bolts are best for solid concrete designed for medium to heavy loads; lag shield bolts are recommended for use in medium and heavy loads holding both dead weight and vibrating loads to be anchored in concrete, brick, block, and stone; leadwood screw anchors are used for removal of fixtures without loss of holding values; double expansion anchors are best for anchoring into brick, concrete or block base material; hurricane shutter anchors comes with hurricane shutter insert anchors to promote good fastening performance while split drive anchor bolts are good for light to medium duty in concrete.

These little anchors play a vital role in large and gigantic structures from industrial buildings to plants obtain solid foundation. These and more of your construction needs can be bought in any hardware stores near you. If you want the convenience in buying bolts, you can also purchase them online for fast and easy buying. Good luck!