Concrete and Jersey Barrier

Precast jersey barriers have universal usage; they are ideal for securing vacant properties or buildings, and prove to be a very efficient deterrent to unwelcome visitors. As more and more industrial units and factories are becoming empty, owners want peace of mind knowing that their buildings are not going to be vandalized and damaged. Concrete barriers or jersey barriers make for ideal perimeter security walling and can be placed neatly next to each other – creating an affective barrier to vehicles.

When trying to secure an empty site there are a number of steps that should be taken. The first and most important step is to do a full survey of the perimeter; identifying all weak points. Once this process has been undertaken capable steps can be taken to ensure that the perimeter can not be breached. As well as concrete barriers, there are a number of alternative methods that can be used. Simply digging a ditch to ensure vehicles can not enter, can often be an extremely effective solution.

Entrances and exits are an obvious weak point. This is where a concrete barrier or jersey barrier can be very effective. Placing a concrete barrier in the way of anyone trying to gain access will generally be enough to stop them entering, particularly given that the jersey barrier will weigh in excess of 2 tonne. If cost is an issue, then firms will often hire the carriers to you, meaning costs can be kept down.

It's always worth remembering that it is much better to deal with the potential problem now, rather than waiting for the site to be broken into. The costs of clearing someone off the land will generally be significantly higher than securing it properly in the first place.