Concrete Coating

Many home improvement projects will require you using a concrete coating. Concrete is used for a wide variety of purposes in building and construction. Concrete is made up of a mixture of different substances such as cement, gravel, sand and other aggregates, mixed with water. Special caution should be taken to prevent the water in the mixture from evaporating because if this happens, gaps and voids may be left behind which can cause the concrete to weaken and create small holes and cracks in the concrete. Further exposure to water and the harsh elements of the weather may erode the concrete, reducing its strength greatly. Concrete coating is beneficial to homeowners and construction workers alike because it protects concrete from such structural problems.

Where should you use concrete coating?

If you have never used a concrete coating before, you may wonder exactly how it works. Concrete coatings are special chemical solutions that create an impenetrable coating, or layer on the concrete preventing the transmission of water molecules while at the same time keeping the structure safe. Concrete coating is typically used in filling the voids left from water drying up in the concrete, strengthening the surface due to a coating effective. Concrete coating is also used on pre-cast concrete used in parking areas, protecting the structural steel body from the effects of water transmission. Salt and other corrosive elements can cause damage to concrete structures, especially in high traffic areas. It can also be used to prevent and reduce damages in such areas.

What are the advantages of using concrete coating?

There are several advantages of using concrete coating. As discussed above, the biggest advantage is providing protection from water transmission. Another advantage is concrete coatings is also an excellent acrylic crack resistant. Concrete coating conveniently adheres to most kinds of construction materials such as block, concrete, polystyrene, SIPs and ICFs. Concrete coatings are available under different brands and two or three coats should be applied depending upon the kind of construction material used and to the extent of which it needs protection.

Where to buy concrete coating products?

Concrete coating products are available at most home improvement material suppliers. However, for larger projects, it’s advisable to directly contact dealers to purchase such products. Products suppliers can be easily located through concrete contractors as well as home building associations. The Internet is also a valuable resource, especially with its multiple websites on such products and applications. The Internet is not only a good source of information on the various concrete coating products and brands available, but also a good way to compare prices. Concrete coating projects are best handled by professional contractors because they have the ability to correctly determine the specific kind of pressure withstood by concrete in a particular construction project.