Concrete Floor Repair

There are many reasons a concrete floor would need repair such as:

  • cracks made by expansion and the contracting of the floor
  • damage caused by imperfections made before the concrete has cured
  • or floating objects such as wood that may have fallen into the concrete while it was still wet.

Whatever caused the concrete floor repair must be done.

To start the concrete floor repair use a ruler to map out the area to be repaired. If the area is small and shallow then a small area repair may be the only thing required. On the other hand, if the area to be repaired is of a reasonable size than the whole concrete floor will have to chipped out. Make a rough surface for the cement to bond to it. Rough up a small area you may only need a hammer but if the area is larger than a jack hammer may be needed. Clean the area you have chipped of all the chipping debris in order for the concrete to have a good surface to exist too. The sand and cement mixture you will use to fill the area should have made up one part cement and two and a half parts of masonry sand. These dry materials should be mixed first.

Bring this dry mixture to a consistency of stiff plastic by using a polymer or latex bonding agent. Wet the area to be repaired with clean water without flooding it. The area should be damp in order for the mixture to bond. If the area is too dry the patch will crack. Apply it to the patch using a trowel leaving it slightly higher to accommodate for shrinking and allow it to dry. After about an hour use a harsher trowel to spread the paste that will rise to the top. This paste is what will make the finished surface. When all is thoroughly dry than use the trowel to scrape off anything that may have remained on the surface or may have spread to the surface nearby. Clean your tools thoroughly.