Concrete Repair – Do It Yourself

Concrete bases like driveways, floors and walkways get occasional cracks and dirty patches in due course of time. Who would not want to get a completely new looking concrete surface without installing a new one? Concrete repair methods can make it happen! They are easy to implement and you would not need any professional help.

Concrete restoration procedures can impart a more pleasing look to your concrete walkways, floors and steps. Besides, such methods do not require you to spend big bucks. You can get them done at quite cheap rates. In a few exceptional cases of extreme concrete damage, complete replacement is the only way out, but in most cases, you can avail to the concrete repair methods.

Here are a few cases that would require a repairing procedure.

Cracks – Hairline cracks are pretty easy to deal with as you can just dip a rubber-gloved finger inside the crack and press it up. Deep vertical cracks would require some effort. Moistening the crack several hours before the repair process is very important. Mix Portland cement with water and make a paste out of it. With the help of a putty knife, you can apply the cement mixture to the crack. After doing so, smooth out the excess cement and level it with the rest of the ground.

Spalled Concrete – Spalling takes place due to flaky concrete surface. Poor installation and usage of excess water during construction result in such conditions. Latex can be used to deal with scaly and chipped concrete surfaces. In case of deeper spalled area, use more of latex to make a stronger patch.

Repair a concrete step – Steps of old houses are susceptible to chipping and breakages. Such steps not only look bad, they are dangerous also. It is a wrong notion most people has that repairing steps can be an intimidating task. But in reality, it is not so. Chipped steps can be repaired with minimal efforts.

Here are a few general tips that you need to follow are:

* One should not attempt any concrete work under hot and dry weather conditions.

* To make it easier to clean the tools with which you have done a concrete repair, pass a propane torch over them.

* In order to create a stronger bond to an old concrete slab, you can consider adding acrylic fortifier to the cement mixture. products are the most reliable when it comes to concrete repair. They impart permanent flexibility to rule out the chances of future cracking and are equipped with many user-friendly qualities.