Concrete Vs Pavers

When designing a residential landscape, cost is always a factor that must be considered, especially if you have a fixed budget. Installing pavers for your outdoor living area is an inexpensive way to beautify your landscape. There are many cost benefits of using pavers compared to other materials including the purchasing of materials, the installation costs and of course the long term maintenance.

Pavers will last a lifetime if properly looked after. Pavers are low maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor living area rather than maintaining it. Pavers just need a regular hosing down to remove any excess dirt or debris that may appear from the surrounding garden. High pressure cleaners can be used but make sure the force is not too fierce or it could damage the pavers. A simple wash will ensure your pavers preserve that pristine appearance for many years to come. Also using a paver sealant when installed properly will ensure your investment will last for many years to come and it also enhances the colors and makes it much more easier to clean.

Concrete has traditionally been one of the most common paving materials used. It’s low cost per square foot makes it the natural choice of many homeowners as it initially seems to be a relatively inexpensive option. In reality, the inevitable cracking of concrete leads to a long-term cost that’s far greater than installing paving stones, without providing any of the benefits pavers offer.

However, you must consider the long term benefits and costs involved. The costs of repairing pavers can be far more beneficial that those for repairing a concrete slab.

Cracking can occur in a pavement of any kind, most commonly caused by earth movement and weather conditions. If there is a crack in a paver, that one paver can be easily removed and replaced and look brand new again. There would be no evidence of the cracking. However, if there was cracking in a concrete slab, to repair this would mean the whole slab would have to be removed and laid again. The only other alternative is to leave the slab as is which will look very unattractive and can become hazardous over a period of time.

Realistically, the costs benefits of installing a concrete slab may initially seem to exceed the installation of pavers, however the costs benefits of pavers will far outweigh the concrete slab in the long term.