Confessions of an Acetyl-L-Carnitine Powder User For Bodybuilding

Acetyl-L-carnitine powder has become a vital component in the regimen of many athletes and body builders. With its antioxidant effects, ALCAR supplement protects the brain cells from damage and helps in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter vital in brain and nerve function. As an amino acid, it is used by the body to burn fat and turn it into energy. Anyone will appreciate an extra boost in energy, especially those who engage in strenuous activities. To attest to the beneficial effects of acetyl-L-carnitine powder in his physical performance, a body builder shared his first hand experience with the said supplement to provide information to other body building buffs.


Upon sharing his experience, Stephen warns that, as with other personal evaluations, a certain level of subjectivity may affect his account on his experience with acetyl-l-carnitine powder, as every individual responds to things differently. Like most male gym aficionados, Stephen’s motivation to pump iron was to lose weight, look and feel good, and develop in himself a gravitational pull no woman can resist.


To attain this goal, he does plenty of cardio exercises and asked for the help of his gym buddy, acetyl-L-carnitine powder, whom he met while reading up on ways to bulk up. The literature’s claims that acetyl-L-carnitine powder can help him to concentrate on his workouts, provide mental clarity, which he really needs while at work, and aid in burning fat into energy are what convinced him to take 600 milligrams of ALCAR supplement, three times daily, before workout, mid morning and mid-afternoon.

Oh, no!

Despite going through two gross days of cough, runny nose and green discharge, he kept on because he already anticipated this from what he heard from others who also took the bodybuilding supplement. Good thing these effects did not last long. However, he also experienced disrupted sleep at night, characterized by restlessness, nightmares and frequent waking up, each time he took his daily last dose after four in the afternoon. Such terrible nights were prefigured with a bout of jitters. If he skips the mid-afternoon shot, he gets terrible headaches in the evenings, like a withdrawal symptom to nicotine or caffeine. So he made it a point to take this famous daily last dose before four in the afternoon. He took these side effects as a sign that acetyl-L-carnitine powder is really at work and is not just a placebo.

What happened?

After sometime of acetyl-L-carnitine powder intake, he noticed that he has more focus when at work and during workout, he was even able to more than double his cardio endurance level. He had also shed off fat but he is unsure if he can credit it solely to his intake of acetyl-L-carnitine powder as he wants also to acknowledge the beneficial effects of his diet and exercise routine which has toughened up when he started taking the supplement.

This is a personal experience of one body builder who supplemented his workout program with acetyl-L-carnitine powder. Indeed, he achieved the goals he has set for himself. However, due to the presence of other factors, we cannot credit this workout success solely to acetyl-L-carnitine powder, albeit we can sense that Stephen somehow felt satisfied with the said supplement. His results, however, is consistent with findings in some animal and human studies showing that acetyl-l-carnitine powder can increase endurance and can aid in shedding fat. The best way for you to find out how it is is to try it for yourself.