Consider Outdoor Motion Detector for Security Lighting in Your Home

Security becomes one important aspect that you have to consider dealing with home appliances. You do not want any intruders come to your home and cause fear for the whole family. For security lighting, you need some detector of motion. It is usually called as outdoor motion detector.

Actually it is easy to install this kind of security lighting, especially when you have some source electricity close to the spot where you want to install the detector. If the source electricity is far enough from the area, you need to deal with extra wiring. Now, you bought to prepare these things: the security light, wire caps, electrical tape, cordless drill / driver, volt tester, silicone caulk, and wire strippers. We will give you some tips to install the light if there is an existing source.

Now you can start installing by finding the correct breaker, or some fuse to the exterior light source. Turn off the fuse or the circuit breaker and ensure that it is in 'off' mode using a voltage tester. Take the new fixture you have bought and check the instructions of the setting. Also, you have to check every part of it. If you have got everything ready, now it is time for you to remove the old outdoor fixture by unscrewing it with screwdriver or a cordless drill. You will need this device just in case that the screws get corrosion.

When you have done uninstalling the old fixture, you can get the base of the new motion light. Note the spots where you want to place the screws. Sometimes, the holes do not match up the right. Therefore you might need to put either metal or wood bit on your drill and the drill where you marked the screws. After that, search for the source wires through the middle of the base before you start tightening the light.

If the base is ready for the installation, then you can adjust the source wires to the new light fixture wires. If it is too long, you can cut the wire and strip the plastic off about inch inch. Match the color of the wires, red to red, yellow to yellow, and the like. Make sure that everything fixed firmly to put the new fixture onto the base. Also, you have to keep the rubber seal before screwing on the fixture. Now you have done with the installation. Turn on the electricity and do some checking whenever the detector works.