Considerations in Choosing the Right Iron Cross Belt Buckles

It is fabulous to keep an up to date style. However, we should also be aware that individualism is the main stream today. It's keeping up to date in your clothing but keeping your own personal style at the same time. Expressing yourself is more important than wearing designer garments. For men and women who prefer Gothic art, one must know the considerations in choosing Iron cross belt buckle design.

Know your body type . In choosing belt buckle designs, it is imperative that one must know his or her body frame. Iron cross buckles range from small to big cross shaped buckles and it would be better if one knows the kinds buckles that would look perfectly nice on his or her body type. Big framed people may swallow the small buckle frames, meanwhile petite women may not look glamorous wearing large framed belt buckle. It is not enough to pick out the design, but the appropriate size for one's own body type must also be well thought of.

Determine the Purpose. There are two kinds of belts according to purpose. One is to keep your pants securely in place, without considering its decorative purpose, while the other is a belt which is for plain decoration. Decorative belt may include thick belts with thick belt buckles. They are usually worn over the belt loops and not through them. If you intent on purchasing a buckle which serves as decorative and functional, you must consider the belt size it can accommodate. The standard belt, and belt loops are usually 1 inch inch wide.

Determine the metal. Aside from the buckle shape, one must realize that choosing the kind of metal the cross belt buckle is made of is also a great factor in purchasing belt buckle. The kind of metal, somehow, defines the buckle's quality. Metals determine the buckle's price; its beauty as it depends on the metal's shine and luster, and overall quality, since these metals comprise the majority of the buckle.

Determine the style. If you intend on keeping the buckle for a lifetime, expect that you will have to clean and maintain it. Certain styles may not be appropriate for safe-keep especially if the cross bucket embellishments include Swarovski crystals embedded in a brass metal buckle. This is very hard to clean and the crystals, if loosely made, will fall off in the long run. If you intend on keeping the Iron cross belt buckle, it would be better to choose a piece made out of pewter. These buckles have the ability to look more beautiful and antique as they age.

There are hundreds of Iron cross belt buckles in the market. You might get a difficulty picking the right buckle for you. These tips serve as some guide in your choices. Have Fun!