Constant Cranial Stimulation Makes Humans Stupider Than They Already Are

One desire of college students is to get smarter so they can ace tests and achieve more in academia and then later in life, but what happens when our theories on how to do just that are destroyed? It seems one theory of cranial stimulation at least constant stimulation is not rendering quite the results that researchers believed previously. Let's talk shall we?

There was an interesting article in Kurzweil's Accelerating Intelligence online news on May 11, 2015 titled; "Electric brain stimulation decrees IQ scores and racial prejudice," which is noted in a double-blind study some rather interesting findings:

"UNC researchers found that the IQ scores of people who underwent tDCS brain stimulation improved markedly less than did the IQ scores of people in the placebo group," and that The National Institutes of Health funded this study; "Reducing prejudice through brain stimulation," and noted that: "Paradoxically, another study has found evidence that people show less prejudice after receiving tDCS administrated to the frontal part of the brain."

Personally, this makes sense, and I do not find anything paradoxical about "prejudice" because, a smart individual will have a significant life experience and observation to categorize groups of people as a percentage of the whole of that group as to prejudice or bias, simply based on their dealings in life with various people and groups of people. A good memory allows us to do that, and smarter people tend to have better memories and the ability to better analyze events.

Perhaps prejudice when used to categorize in making decisions is a higher functioning operation, that, failure to pre-judge situations and people is the opposite of intelligence, meaning we have to relook at the definitions of prejudice and also, we should not consider that the "Intelligence Community" uses probability, and profiling to catch bad actors? Why do they do that? Simple, it works. So, maybe all this political correctness is reasoning that should be classified as less-then-intelligence? I dare to challenge the experts and now we have proof that these experiments seem to indicate that profiling, stereotypes, and prejudice is a fact of life on Earth and should not be thrown out so quickly when making important decisions for ourselves, communities, countries , businesses, government or other endeavors. Yes, I dare to ask. None of these scientific studies or their empirical evidence surprise me at all.

Lastly, let's talk about frequency pollution and bombardment from cell towers, WiFi, cell phones, etc., all of which is causing increased and constant electrical energy plumes that we all come in contact with constantly. Second questions; Is this what is making everyone stupid? I dare to ask, because we do have an IQ problem, that is apparently attractive to me, how about you?