Constructing a Balcony, Deck, Or Porch

Your balcony, deck, or  porch  is possibly one of the most important places in your home. You or your family may possibly use them as frequently as your living room or television room. They are great places for having breakfast or dinner in the spring and summer, perfect for sitting out to read, play games, or sew, wonderful for hosting parties and barbeques, and even work well as a romantic location for you and your loved one to spend time together. These places deserve a lot of attention, and intricate planning. Oftentimes they are overlooked in building, remodeling, or decorating. You can possibly walk away from this guide with a fresh outlook on your outdoor living spaces, and with some great idea for their potential revival!

First, and foremost, clear away the clutter that is often thrown onto your back  porch  or deck. Beyond furniture, outdoor toys and items, and grills, your backyard does not need to be home to trash, junk, or storage items. Sift through everything in your outdoor living spaces, throw away what is unneeded, sell or donate the things you don’t use, and you’ve got yourself a great start!

Once you have a clear space on your outdoor balcony,  porch , or deck, divide it up into different areas. You can put a hammock or swing on one side, set up an umbrella, and add a nice dining area with table and chairs on another. If you have the means, install a screen over an area so as to create a separate  porch . You can keep couches in a breakfast nook, or perhaps set up a table and chairs there for a more covered and weather-proof dining area. With summer comes summer storms, and having a screened  porch  is a great way to spend time outside while staying protected from the rain.

Make use of a blank space by planting a garden around it, decorating it with tall and leafy plants, or growing vegetables. Not only is it visually appealing, but it creates a useful and positive area to spend time in. Many people plant bamboo to differentiate between different parts of their balconies and deck. If you have a Jacuzzi in your backyard, consider using bamboo as a privacy shield around it. You can hang up lanterns, string or rope lights, and paper lights to produce a beautiful and sultry ambiance. Candles can be used all around your deck or balcony as well. Don’t forget, you can purchase candles infused with citronella for a beautiful look with a useful effect- keeping the bugs away! Adirondack chairs are also popular. They are frequently seen at beach houses and in southern homes, and are a beautiful touch for any backyard furniture.