Contemporary Area Rugs – A Room Transformer

Everyone loves showing off their house. Some of us enjoy the old fashion look of an elegant well kept house; others are looking for the more contemporary and ultra modern style that is on the cusp of fashion. Contemporary area rugs can go a long way into achieving the modern look you are after. The problem is there are so many choices and options that deciding on the right one can be a chore. This article will help you decide exactly the type of area rug you need in your home.

What pattern will you use? Will you use a solid color rug? What color does the pattern need to be in? There are many questions that can be very frustrating when deciding on your rug. The best place to start is with the furniture. If you already have furniture, then look to it in helping you decide on your area rug. Solid colored furniture will lead to more freedom in your selection, because you can match a color in the pattern to the furniture, or choose a solid colored rug with a complimentary color to fit in. Patterned furniture can cause a tougher rug choice, but consider that you can always go the eclectic way and use a bunch of mismatched pieces to create a fresh and new look that just fits.

Before selecting your modern area rug, you should consider a few things. Foot traffic is a big one, if lots of people will be walking over the rug then choosing one that is durable and high quality is more important than that delicate masterpiece that will get ruined. The shape is important, because an odd or unique shape can turn your rug into the focal point of your entire room. If you have not purchased furniture yet, then you could start with the rug and use that to decide the furniture instead of the other way around.

The available options are sometimes overwhelming. First is the shape. Area rugs are available in shapes like oval, square, rectangle, or do you order a custom shape that fits a perfect set of dimensions in your home? The fabrics as well can be frustrating. Do you use a synthetic fabric such as acrylic, olefin, faux silk, nylon or something that is natural like flax, cotton, wool, jute or even sea grass? The construction is another important factor. Area rugs can be hand-knotted, flat woven, braided, hand hooked, hand tufted, or machine made.

As you can see there are a lot of tough choices that go into selecting your contemporary area rug. You want it to be stylish and compliment your home perfectly. Make sure you consider all the options, the size, the make, and the construction. Ensure your rug will fit in with the furniture or go the eclectic way and make something stunning. A little research will help you make your home beautiful and memorable for all your friends to see.