Contemporary Painter

Contemporary Painter

Since the term contemporary means current, up to date, or today, a contemporary painter is someone that has recently created a painting. This means that contemporary art does not always have to be modernistic in style. It can also be old fashioned.

It's Just Out There

We often think of contemporary artists as a little bit weird or just out there. Many artists try and push the envelope and are looking for something to have a little shock value. This tends to make modern paintings more exciting.

The truth is that while some artists are "out there" a lot of artists are not. Paintings that are the strangest just stick out the most.

Old Always Comes Back

The old standby for artists is to paint landscapes. An old standby is a barn down a country lane. This may seem traditional, but often times the old style comes back or can be done in a different way.

One of these current trends is the reemergence of Fresco. It takes a good deal of work and knowledge to create a good Fresco painting, but there is a real trend for artists that are relearning this old style.

Landscape paintings are traditional in style, but in the contemporary medium you can see new trends. For example, Thomas Kinkade, contemporary painter, created landscapes that focused on showcasing the beauty of light. This had never been done in such a way. What was created was a new style out of a traditional one.

Recent Trends

One of the more classical trends is to create something finely detailed. It may take you hours and hours of work to create. In the final result, you can appreciate the fine detail if you get close to the picture and really admire it.

Nowadays, a subtle trend has emerged for vibrant earth tone colors. The idea is to complement the home and the home décor in a soft subtle way.

These types of paintings are often splashed colors that are carefully picked out to go with the home. The colors are blended in ways that bring out the architecture style of the home. For example, you often see a reddish orange patch of paint that is blended towards a raised white and dark brown center splotch. The resulting effect is the room feels warm to the heart yet also feeling strong and resolute. It is hard to explain without seeing it. The main point is to bring out the heart of the home and make the architecture resonate with who you are.

More to Say

There is a mountain of information that can be said about contemporary painters. If you are seriously considering a piece, visit your local contemporary gallery. Nearly every large city has at least one. In this way, you can be assured of a truly unique work of art. If you can not find a modern gallery, simply go to a larger museum or gallery and ask for a niche referral. Many of the best pieces are not broadly advertised for sale and require a little effort to find.