Contract Cleaners' All-Purpose Cleaner

An ideal steam vacuum for contract cleaners that require high quality steam vacuuming for long periods of time is JetVac Pro steam cleaner. This steam cleaner is designed for both efficient and effective cleaning. With the dry steam it produces injected to a surface melt away and remove dirt and grease quickly without using chemicals. It shortens the cleaning job of even the toughest and hardened deposits on surfaces.

Jetvac Pro is the ideal contract cleaners' all-purpose cleaner that has a standard trolley for contract cleaners to transport easily around or between facilities. Its boiler is made of stainless steel that stands the test of cleaning time.

With some of its important features below, makes it very suitable for every different cleaning application needed that cleans better than old mops, rags and chemicals.

Jetvac Pro features:

* Converts water into superheated steam at 145 ° C – 180 ° C to provide a highly microscopic that penetrate into surfaces

* Continuous refill technology or an automatic boiler refilling technology

* Powerful 6 bars of steam pressure, all in one steam and vacuum machine

* Large water capacity – 3Lt water reservoir and 4Lt boiler to clean more areas with less refills

* Water / chemical injection – an option to use dry steam combined with chemical injection to deep clean of many surfaces

* Equipped with strong anti-bacterial technology and HEPA filters

Where to used Jetvac Pro?

Contract cleaners are now taking advantage to the benefits of the steam cleaners can provide on their cleaning services. Using steam cleaner creates a greater opportunity to gain more profit because it makes their cleaning job fast, easy and effective. In fact, with vapor steam cleaning, contract cleaners can also gain more customers who want to avoid the use of chemicals whenever possible.

It is a kind of steam cleaner that is versatile enough for contract cleaners to use for all types of high quality cleaning requirements. It is also powerful cleaning tool for some cleaners specializing on a certain area only such as healthcare cleaning, range hood cleaning, grout cleaning, car cleaning and auto detailing, cleaning restaurants, steam cleaning kitchen, steam cleaning bathroom, chewing gum removal, carpet cleaning and floor steam cleaning.

Jetvac Pro steam cleaner when used …

* Saves water, energy, time and money.

* Gentile on all surfaces and low risk of burning for the user.

* Dislodges and cleans the hardest to reach areas better than any other cleaning equipment.

* Eliminates the use of corrosive and dangerous chemicals.

* Kills and remove mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria and the odours.

* Cleans, sanitize and disinfect

* And many more.