Contract Employee Form – Use a Contract Employee Form to Engage Employees

A contract employee form is a form that an employee must fill out to disclose information about him. His employer needs to ascertain his identity and to get information about him that are essential to his employment.

The things to be entered in the contract employee form vary. Usually, the employee would be asked to enter his first name, middle name, last name and his title. This is to properly identify him and under such name a record of him can be started.

This form would also often ask for the employee’s mailing address, street name and number, city and state. This is so that the company can have an address to where necessary mail may be sent.

One will also be asked of his home address, if this is different from the mailing address. The home address – street name and number, city and state, is necessary in an employment form as it is necessary in every other form. With a person’s home address, the employer would know where to look for him when necessary.

A contract employee form could also contain the scope of work of an employee that the employer would require him to do as part of his employment. This may include the location of his work, the number of hours he is required to render everyday, the days he is required to show up, the general description of his daily tasks, the name of his position, and the like.

This could also include some conditions and the protocol to such conditions when encountered. For example, this kind of form may say that if a task is assigned by the employer, the employee has to do it. If there are rules imposed by the same, the latter must abide by it.

There could be a number of protocols included in these kinds of form but the general idea is that when an employee signs this form, he assents to the authority of the employer. This is a binding contract.

This form would also usually contain the specific start and end of the contract between the employer and the employee. The content of these forms differ. But the important thing is that whatever one says in the form should be true. Once a person enters into a contract it is law between the two contracting parties. A party who discloses the wrong information in this form can be held liable.