Contracted Painter – Do not Be a Scam Victim

Having your home repainted can be a little overwhelming and scary. First, you have to decide whether you should complete the project on your own or have someone else complete it. If you decide to hire someone for the job, you then have to go through the process of finding the right person for the job.

Hiring a contracted painter can sometimes turn into a drawn out process. There are plenty of stories out there about home owners being ripped off by someone they hired to complete an exterior house painting, so you are probably wary of hiring just anyone for the job. You should know however, that there are many legitimate contracted painter choices out there that are eager to be hire to complete your exterior house painting and that will complete the project at a professional level. With this said, you should always do your homework before hiring someone for the job.

It can be fairly easy to find a contracted painter that is legitimate and professional, you just have to know what signs to look for when you are meeting with a potential painter. Make sure that the painter you hire is when that has shown promptness from the first time that you contacted them. This means that they either answered your first phone call, or they returned your call in a timely manner. If you sat around for a week waiting for a callback from a potential contracted painter, this is a good sign that they do not take their work very seriously and you would probably be better off not hiring them for your exterior house painting. Also, the contractor should be on time or early for every meeting that you have with them. If they keep showing up late and making you wait, this is also a sign that you might want to look elsewhere for someone to hire.

Before narrowing down your search to a few painters, you should have an idea in mind on how much you expect to pay for the home painting and how much projects like these on a house of your size normally cost. If you do not have a general idea of ​​how much a home painting costs for a house of your size, you find yourself being ripped off by a dishonest contractor, just because you did not do your homework. A professional contracted painter will probably have a standard pricing system and will be able to give you reasons behind the price that they are quoting for the project.

A legitimate contracted painter should also be able to give you a general timeline as to how long the project should take. Someone with training and experience in this field should be able to at least guesstimate how long it will take them to complete your paint job.

In the end, go with the painter that you feel best about, chances are they are legitimate and will complete your project at the professional level that you deserve.