Contractor Advertising

Contractor advertising requires a few foundational elements in order to be successful. These elements are message, methods, and consistency. Employing these principles into a contractor marketing plan will increase the number of bids and ultimately the number of new jobs.

Any contractor that has worked at his craft for a considerable time understands his limits. Some painters only perform interior jobs while others prefer the outside work. A few carpenters like to work on small repair and remodel jobs while others will focus on new construction. Regardless of the chosen field, the contractor has to identify the area of ​​his greatest strength. From this he can develop his message such as "Best interior painters west of the Mississippi".

Once the contractor has formed his message he then must decide how to broadcast that message. Radio ads, press releases, newspaper ads, websites, blogs and social media sites are just a few examples of how to reach out the prospective clients. Most experts suggest using multiple methods until it can be determined which form of advertising works best.

Finally, the contractor needs to be diligent in getting out the message. One radio ad will not bring a ton of new business. Nor will one press release or one mail out of postcards. Contractors need to have a contractor marketing calendar that lists which form of advertising will be used at different times of the year. And they need to stick with the calendar. Getting the message out and developing strong referrals will take time and these proactive efforts will help build up new business in the short run.