Contractor Web Design – Content Critical!

When a customer calls you to schedule an appointment for service, how do you “sell” them on your company. Do you use glossy handouts? Do you use your knowledge of your service to convince them to use you? Are you and your sales help just charismatic? Or do you build a relationship with them in order to earn their business? Or do you simply use a mix of all of the points above? If you’re like most  contractors , it’s probably a mix. When closing a sale as a  contractor , in most instances, you must draw on all of your options to sell the customer. It is the same when developing a  contractor  web design. You must gather a reasonable mix of flash, knowledge, expertise and past experience to convince your prospect to do business with you over your competitors. Even if you’re not a good writer, the benefit of developing your  contractor  web design around great content is of great importance. The content is what your prospects are looking for to make a solid buying decision before they even talk to a live human.

To accomplish this, you must first get your arms around what caused your prospects to do business with you offline. As above, is it because you’re a nice person or is it because they have confidence in your abilities because of the information you have shared with them. Let me save you some time thinking about the right answer to the question. There isn’t one answer! Every prospect is different than another. some prospects won’t do business with you unless they view you as a friend, others have to be given ALL of the information every created before making a decision to buy and still others will draw information out of you just for the sake of qualifying you as the company for them! So when developing a  contractor  web design, all of the different ways you sell your offline customers must be incorporated into your website.

The key to a successful “pre-selling”  contractor  web design is to engage the online viewer as completely ignorant of your business process. I don’t mean in a condescending way, but you will have as diverse a viewership on the web as you do in your everyday business, if not more diverse. So, in order to inform as completely as possible, you need to give more information than you ever dreamed to your online prospect. The concept quite simply is to give the most uninformed and the most informed equal amounts of solid information about your company, its processes and the services you provide.

For example, if you are a general  contractor  and your specialty is custom homes, how important would it be to tell your customers about the products that you use in the homes you build, that make them better than those of your competition. The reality is, the components that you use in your homes may in fact be the same exact ones your competition uses, but do you think your competitor is sharing this basic information with his prospects? Probably not! What this does is creates a relationship with your prospects and gives them illusion of superior quality that is exclusive when doing business with your company over your competitors. In a similar example, if you are a window and door  contractor  and you fill the voids between the window frame and the opening with foam insulation, do you think this is worthy to mention in your  contractor  web design? Absolutely! Again, just about all window and door replacements do it, but until you bring it to the attention of a prospect, it may go as unnoticed.

These are just a few very basic ways to differentiate your business from you competitors on the web. You see, when selling your business on the web, you don’t have the luxury of responding to questions you didn’t anticipate. on the web, you usually get one shot at sell your prospect. If you miss the most basic detail it may result in a significant drop in leads coming from your site. It is extremely important that from the most basic to the most complex questions be answered and the most specific, incidental detail be mentioned to fully inform your prospects on ALL of the reasons why the should do business with you instead of your competitor.

The level of detail and professionalism you share in your  contractor  web design, the higher the conversion rates will be in converting that prospect into a lead and ultimately closing the sale with them. In most properly designed  contractor  web sites, the sales cycle will be dramatically reduced because all of the information your prospect needs is available to them all day, every day, online. When developing a  contractor  web design, please remember that the more quality, relevant, usable content you have in your site, the better it will perform at the human level as well as the search engines.