Contractors Websites

 Contractor  Websites,  contractors  websites &  contractors  websites and marketing! What does it mean to build  contractor  websites?  Contractors  websites are the 21st century answer to marketing 101. When developing  contractors  websites and marketing plans, it’s important to establish your business as a leader in your area of expertise as well as geographically. As important as yellow page advertising was 20 years ago, businesses with a desire to truly expand without adding infrastructure or cost, the web is an awesome opportunity.

The concept of exchanging and sharing information about your company to a very specific target audience, at a fraction of the typical marketing cost, is amazing. In looking back over the years, imagine a time when direct mail was just beginning to take hold as a reasonable method for marketing your business. Whether you are marketing to other businesses or to consumers, direct mail has worked for years. So bring the concept of direct mail forward. Today, when developing a website for a contracting company, target a specific group. It can be geographic in nature or age focused. Specific socioeconomic targets can also be accomplished. The point is that all of this is done without the cost or time to have the marketing material into the hands of your prospect.

A properly built website should incorporate some simple concepts.

1. Should be attractive to both human visitors as well as search engines;

2. Should generate relevant traffic to the core content of the site;

3. Should pre-sell your prospects without any personal contact from a human;

4. Should provide measurable and quantifiable leads;and most importantly,

5. Should act as a 24 hour a day 7 day a week sales person, representing your company.

Your site should be working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year!

How to build a website that works.

We have seen fads and flash in the pan marketing schemes. The internet is not one of them. The web offers  contractors , a unique opportunity to truly be on the cutting edge in there individual markets. There are in fact, huge numbers of people looking for your company on the internet. Where do you think they are going if you don’t have a website? Yep, your competitor. Not necessarily the typical competitor that you have faced for years, in fact, the internet has given some smaller companies the ability to compete in common with established, long existing businesses just because they have a web site.

How about an example of a landscaping company that was just beginning in business. About three years ago, they developed a web strategy. Now as is the case with all  contractors  websites and marketing, it was important to understand what their specialties were. Where they could really break into the marketplace. Their strength happened to be drainage. The site was developed with the background theme of drainage as the hub and literally within the first year of the site being in place they had written $200,000 plus in just drainage business. This obviously doesn’t include the other areas that they succeeded in as well. Overall in that first year, the internet was their only marketing and represented nearly $500,000 in total revenue. Since that first year, their business has grown at a remarkable pace, in spite of a huge downturn in the market.

This is just one example of a site that was developed the right way, that has been a run away success. The rationalization is quite simple, for what it costs to develop a quality website, most  contractors  pay for the site and have net profit left over after just the first or second project they win from the web. The rest of the projects that are won become pure profit.