Convert Clients Like a Pro – 5 Steps to Turning On The Fence Prospects Into High Paying Clients

As a coach, I'm sure you talk to a lot of people about what you do. You network, you have one-on-one meeting, you offer free sessions. But, it's hard to get people to sign up. Does your conversion rate match the amount of time, energy and money investing in all this talking?

It's not you or your coaching service. Rather you're not saying it in the right way. To inspire people to take action there's a very specific sequence of events they must experience before they will take that step into change.

See + Feel + Hope + Believe + Inspire = Step into Change

This formula can be used in any form of your marketing: feel sessions, one-on-ones, and written marketing materials.

First off, your prospects need to see there's a problem. We often do not recognize a problem until someone points it out.

Here is where you have to identify you who you work with and exactly what they are going through. Be specific. How does the challenge they are experiencing affect their everyday life? Draw a picture here so they can see the challenge.

Once they see there is a problem, they have to feel the pain of the situation. Since change is uncomfortable and we resist it, if we are numb to the pain or comfortable, there's no reason to change. Your prospects must feel the pain they are experiencing before they will change. It's simple, the pain of change must be less than the pain of staying the same. Then, and only then, will they take the next step.

Ask them about their situation. How does it affect them? What does it stop them from achieving? What will happen if they did not make that change?

Do not worry. You will not leave them feeling that pain. The next step gives them hope. Hope is an important element because it allows them to see it does not have to be this way. It can be different.

To help plant hope, talk about the benefits you offer. What will they be able to do differently? What will they get? What will they be able to achieve? These are usually direct answers to how their challenge is affecting their lives.

Once the seed of hope is sown, they must now believe it is possible to make this change. If they do not believe it, they will never be motivated to take the next steps. At this point, you want to offer a few examples, case studies, testimonials of other people. Once they believe, they will say, "if others can do this, maybe I can too."

Now, you've got them to see there's a problem, to feel the pain of that problem, you've planted the seed of hope, and helped them believe they can make this change. But, you're not done yet. Here is perhaps the most important point that is also left out the most. At this point, your prospects are not sure what exactly to do. To move into action they have to know what to do. Otherwise, there's no change. Here you inspire them into action, by telling them what to do. This is your Call to Action. This needs to be very specific and very simple next steps. Your Call to Action can be saying "yes" and signing an agreement, or to give you a call, or to sign up for your newsletter. You have to know what you want them to do, then ask them to do it.

This is a very simple 5 step formula that your prospects must go experience to one degree or another. Once you guide people through feeling each step, your on-the-fence prospects will gladly turn into highly motivated, high paying clients.