Cook it Frozen – Plank Grilling Your Alaska Salmon

There’s really only one way to cook and enjoy salmon. And that’s through Alaska Seafood Plank Grilling. Alaska is responsible for procuring and delivering some of the best seafood in the world. When you pluck that package from the supermarket, you hide it away in your freezer for special occasions like birthdays and dinner parties. But you also have to consider how much of a time constraint you’re always under-will you ever have time to make that delectable seafood dinner?

The answer is: yes. Now, you can take frozen seafood and make it into a meal with Seafood Plank Grilling techniques. These tips ensure that no frozen seafood ever gets forgotten or unused in your fridge. On those hectic mornings when you run out the door without setting the seafood out to thaw, your dinner plans aren’t entirely ruined.

To start on the Alaska Seafood Plank Grilling, you should set your grill to 400 degrees. Take the salmon and run it under cold water, eliminating any frozen flakes still left on the fish. Next, tear a sheet of aluminum foil that reaches four inches past the salmon when placed on the foil. Spray-coat the dull side of aluminum foil and place salmon, skin side down. Brush both sides of the salmon with a canola or olive oil, preparing it for Alaska Seafood Plank Grilling.

Bring the foil together and fold up excess several times to really enclose the salmon in the foil. Begin Seafood Plank Grilling by placing the salmon, wrapped in foil, directly on the grill, cooking for eight to ten minutes. Remove packet and sprinkle with season before returning the salmon to the grill, loosely covered with the foil this time, and cook for another eight to ten minutes. Once seafood is opaque throughout, remove from the grill and serve.

To spice up your salmon grilled through Alaska Seafood Plank Grilling, try the following adobo spread. Mix the juice from half of a lime with two tablespoons chopped canned chilis in adobo sauce, two teaspoons chopped thyme, and one teaspoon packed brown sugar. Now that you’ve mastered frozen Alaska Seafood Plank Grilling, it’s time to eat!