Cool and Custom Bartending Supplies for 2010

Do you consider yourself a bonafide bartender? Whether you want to simply "look good" at home tending your own bar for friends and family, or you are a professional bartender who works every night, certain essential bar supplies are necessary for proper function.

What you need for "home bar supply"

Probably the most essential thing for a home bar supply is your glassware. In order to make several different types of drinks, you'll need to have several different types of glassware. What size are they going to be, and what type should they be? Space requirements are of course essential when you're figuring out which types of glassware you should buy, but stocking a few of each type (depending on your actual drink repertoire) may be a good idea.

You can hang certain types of glassware from racks to maximize space, such as wine glasses. Beer mugs, highball glasses, shot glasses and pilsener or brandy glasses are other types of glassware you may want to consider. It's a good idea if you can put rubber matting on the shelving you intend to store these glasses on, to minimize slippage and breaking.

A good "starter kit"

A good starter kit for bar supplies may include things like an ice bucket, a bottle cooler, some shot glasses (can double as measuring devices for shots of liquor used in mixed drinks), a bar towel, corkscrew (for opening wine) and some large mugs. Many places that specialize in bar supply will have starter kits you can simply purchase. This along with a few wineglasses and mugs for mixed drinks and beer may be enough to get you started, and then you can add as you go.

For more advanced "cocktails"

If you really want to get into cocktails, you'll also need to buy a shaker glass, shaker tin, and a cocktail strainer. These devices allow you to mix up a variety of cocktails, most professionally.

About the wine

With most important about the wine is its taste and temperature. Glassware is of course important for presentation, too, but if you're really serious about good wine, you'll need a wine cooler. A wine cooler will properly store wines, including those that are sensitive to temperature and are best served chilled, like champagne or sparkling wine.

The bar blade

One of the essentials of bar supply is the bartending blade. Among bartenders, the bartending blade or "bar blade" is a relatively new invention. Although it looks like a reliably innocuous instrument, this uses "first-class lever" technology instead of "second-class lever" technology, which allows for greater flair with opening. It allows amateur and professional bartenders to do "tricks" with flourish, and all it takes is that you learn a little technique.

Why a "bar blade" and not just a simple bar opener?

Simply, a bar blade lets you do some "flair" or trick techniques that will impress those of you are bartending for. Search the Internet for videos that show you some impressive tricks you can do with your bar blade.

So the next time you want to invite people "over for a drink," you can impress them with your expertise and professional bar supply set up.