Cool Magazine Book Report Idea

This is a cool idea because you will be writing your book report as if you are interviewing the person or persons from the book. It may be easiest if you are doing a book report on a non fiction based book.

  1. Prepare about 10 questions that you will ask this person. Now you are not actually going to interview the person from the book but you are imagining you are doing this and are going to answer the questions from information in the book. Make sure your questions lead to a detailed answer which depicts information from your novel. If you imagine this person as a famous person think about the type of magazine that may have an interview for this person and act like you are a reporter for that magazine. Be creative in your questions. Here are some examples of types of people and the Magazine ideas they may be featured in for you to come up with an idea. You can even make up a name for your magazine. Like Sports and More or News Daily.


    Sports athlete – like Sports Illustrated

    If they are in government or politics – like Newsweek

    Movie star or musician – like Vogue or Rolling Stone

  2. Draw a cover for the magazine. You will want to make a picture of your person that you are interviewing because that is what the story is about. Please make it interesting by using lots of color and add backgrounds. For this cover you can use some shiny paper instead of regular copy paper to make it look shiny. Or a trick you can do is use crayon and then place an old piece of fabric on top and lightly iron with a very lightly warm iron to slightly melt the crayon giving it a shiny appearance.
  3. Finally make your opinion of the person and what you think about what they said in their answers which was from the book information. You are just basically giving your thoughts on the book and how you interpreted the information within it or in this case the answers to questions.

This may seem strange but it is just another way to be creative and prepare a book report. You are still documenting information about the book and showing the main points within it and and setting, timeline, and characters, however, to your teacher it will show thought and effort and may earn you a better grade.