Copper Connectors

Copper is one of the most widely used metals with highest electrical conductivity and hence offers negligible resistance to the flow of electricity. It is incredibly durable so that it can be used to make connectors for a wide range of applications. Over other metallic connectors, it is highly preferred because of its softness and usability. High quality copper connectors are extruded from 100% electrolytic copper and copper strip can also be used to make such items. The level of performance depends on the heaviness so that the light weight ones are of better performance.

The copper connectors are used in electrical equipment, plumbing, power plants, house hold uses and many more. For optimal mechanical and electrical performance, it is made out of seamless ETP copper which has higher conductivity. Because of the anti-corrosive properties, it is always preferred over iron. The copper conductors are relatively soft and hence easier to use in all the applications. Since copper is non-toxic when compared to lead, it is a safer option. The connectors are specially designed to fit seamlessly with pipes in plumbing applications. According to the type of pipe used, there are different types of connectors available in the market.

The varieties of copper conductors are specific to the size and type of pipe selected. It mainly help to join pipes same size at each end or to achieve a change in pipe size. It can also be used to integrate pipes that have sizes in meters to those pipes that are of much bigger size to the screw threads located outside and is used mainly for iron pipes or sink taps. The most commonly used type of copper connectors includes straight connector, 90 degree bend connector and the ‘T’ shaped connector. There are many other varieties of connectors that are specifically designed for a purpose. The straight connectors help to connect two pipes end to end and are mainly used for plumbing. Whereas the 90 degree bended connectors have a characteristic bend so that two pipes can be connected over the bend. The ‘T’ shaped connectors have three joining phases so that three pipes can be joined easily in the shape of a ‘T’. For linking copper pipes, compression connectors and solder connectors are used. This is the major classification of copper connectors are based on the usage of connectors. The compression connectors are compressed on to the pipe and the nuts at the end are tightened onto the connector.

In the case of solder connectors, the gap between pipe and connector is filled with solder and is done by heating the joint first. The compression connectors can be reassembled and reused whereas the solder type of copper connectors cannot be reused. Another style of connector is the ‘Y’ connector which resembles the shape of ‘Y’. Fast model of copper connectors can be used for defense and aerospace applications. The connectors made of copper are ideal for use as it have a higher strength and is more efficient and economical.