Coral Calcium Powder

Calcium is an important element that serves as a building block of our skeletal system. It is important for blood clotting, regulating the heart's rhythm, and many other bodily functions. It also plays a vital role in various metabolic activities of the body, right from muscular contraction to hormonal secretion.

Coral reefs are home to a plethora of living organizations. Coral calcium is a salt of calcium that is obtained from fossil coral reefs. Certain substances in coral supposedly have curative and therapeutic properties that have made them much thought after. Due to this belief, they have been harvested at a rapid pace making them endangered.

Coral calcium is obtained by harvesting limestone deposits from coral reef by grinding them to a powder form. Coral calcium has trace minerals apart from salts of calcium. These trace elements are essential for several body functions. It is being marketed effectively as tablets, liquid as well as in the powder form.

Coral Calcium in the powder form has certain advantages over pills and tablets. It is easier to mix it with food or any drink than pills and tablets. Coral calcium in powder form is rapidly absorbed and gentler on the stomach.

Coral calcium is said to be a remedy for many ailments. It has been analyzed chemically and found that calcium from coral calcium has the same chemical content as that obtained from any other source of limestone. However people marketing coral calcium promote its use as an additional nutrient to build stronger bones, teeth and prevent osteoporosis.

Most countries have laws that prohibit harvesting coral. It can be harvested under certain regulatory bodies only. It is advisable that individuals should check the authenticity of coral calcium available for sale. The market unfortunately has lots of fake products, as coral is available in limited quantities.