Cordless Drill Review

Most of the consumers usually rely of some of the advanced technology and latest innovations when it comes to cordless drills. Public ratings and comparing prices is one of the important aspects every consumer follows these days. Best units are continuously manufactured and promoted endlessly in the market. However when you read some of the reviews you come to know about its feature, and functions. Makita 6935, Bosch 13618, Panasonic EY6432, Porter Cable 9977 and Dewalt DC 759 are some of the most famous and best models available in the market.

If we take Makita 6935 14.4 volt, you will come to know that it is one of the best drills that are available with a ML143 cordless torch. Makita is also one of the most efficient and durable ones available in the market. Some of the useful features of this model include:

o Free flashlight
o A variable speed for smoothly increasing the speed and controlling it
o External brushes for longer life
o In-built higher quality output LED to enhance visibility
o Quarter inch portable driver
o Two piece D28R motor along with a double ball bearing
o Ergonomic pistol grip
o Phosphorescent bumper to assist and locate the tools in the areas with low light

Now we can look at the Dewalt DC 759KA. This drill is said to be one of the most sold in the market. This drill has been revamped with an 18 volt motor and provides a double speed and weighs just five pounds. It usually comes with the beautiful case and two rechargeable batteries. Next in this line is the Bosch 13618 Tough Hammer. This one has a scheme of blue paint which is quiet appealing to the consumers. These machines are contoured and streamlined. It is one of the best selling drills from Bosch as it provides excellent deigns and better performance all through the year. Some of the useful features of this cordless drill include:

o 18 volt batteries
o Reinforced collar steel cover
o Durashield construction
o Maintains the alignment between the clutch, motor and gearbox with its universal body power
o This drill also comes with double ended bit, 30 minute charger, side handle and a magnetic bit holder.

Next is the Panasonic EY6432. This drill is reasonably prices and of high quality. It is portable, handy and lightweight. It usually comes with a 390 pound torque and allows complete torque for acquiring high speed helping the motor to control the speed when required. This drill is a smart choice for woodworkers, electricians, carpenters and plumbers. Some of the useful features of this drill include:

o 15.6 volts
o 3.5 Ah amp per hour battery
o Double speed range
o Keyless chuck
o Electronic brakes
o Chassis measure from 8 inch to 8 1.2 inch
o 4.4 pounds in weight and 9 inches long
o Its soft padded grip offers additional cushioning

These above mentioned ones are among the best available cordless drills in the market. The bestselling features include the charging time, ergonomic grips, long battery life and high speed torque.