Cordless Drills – Functionality Review

Cordless drills are battery-powered devices, which combine power, ease of use and fast charging batteries, have been appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

The ease and convenience of use turned wireless drills into multifunctional tools. They can be quickly adapted to such a fine work as polishing of various surfaces.

In recent years, the market is influenced by portable cordless drills with built-in recharging batteries. They are preferred because of ease of use and relatively low prices. Technological achievements in this area tend to be associated with the breakthrough in manufacture of batteries.

The Power of most portable cordless drills depends on the voltage and amperage. And despite the fact that today we have tools with 14,4V powerful batteries, 12V batteries have advantage because of the best combination of power, autonomy, weight and convenience. And a shorter recharging time plays an important part too. All models in the review are equipped with the chargers, which have 1 hour recharging time. Some models even have a second set of batteries, allowing you a non-stop work.

All tools are sold including "1 hour" chargers, but some manufacturers offer devices that allow charging of batteries during 8-15 min.


The first determining part in selecting of a cordless drill may be the shape and position of its grip. Classic models have pistol grips from behind. They are quite comfortable in holding when drilling or wrapping screws. But the position of the ring finger is not quite successful and therefore some effort is needed to hold a drill in a handy position. The grips located in the center of a power tool are much more comfortable. You are almost never get tired with them and accuracy is much higher. Horizontal position for such drills is most natural. To perform a heavy work, holding a drill with two hands, grips targeted to the center of gravity more accurately are developed now. For greater comfort the grip surface is covered with elastomer and made rough.

Regulation of torque on most drills is carried out with a ring switch. Torque and speed of drilling and wrapping of screws have two mechanical speeds each, intended for different materials.

Electronic control smoothly changes speed for precision drilling. The inertia motor brake allows you to save time: in 15 minutes you can screw in around 150 screws.

Automatic chuk consists mainly of two rings rotating in opposite sides, providing clamping a drill or a screwdriver. BOSCH stands apart, that created mounting with a fixing ring for speed and convenience. Nickel-cadmium batteries are designed for different amperage, depending on the power of a tool. Chuks with self-locking drill axis are very effective and easy to use: for example, BOSCH models can be operated with one hand.

Removing and installing the battery is an often produced operation. Therefore, the battery should have a form that is easy to put on its place.


Existing cordless drills are On divided into two categories: professional and amateur.

Professional. MAKITA cordless drills are one of the most powerful tools in the market. ELU is a complex and very powerful tool. DEWALT has a professional chuck that allows you to perform even the most complex work.

Amateur. The quality of a powerful BLACK & DECKER and a little cumbersome BOSCH quite match their prices. High-performance RYOBI, multipurpose METABO and AEG attract by production quality. PEUGEOT has some inconvenience and lack of power. Also SKIL has very low power.