Cordless Hammer Drills – Types, Uses and Selection Tips

A Cordless Hammer Drill is extremely popular and considered as a must have in every household because of its portability and power to perform basic to complex drilling tasks easily and effortlessly. They are widely used around the house and are designed to perform similar tasks that a standard electric model can do. Cordless hammer drills are provided with usually 12v to 18v rechargeable battery that lasts for several hours and its main function is to supply power. As these tools are easy to handle and operate, they are being preferred over the conventional corded ones because it doesn’t require extra room for cord. Moreover its sleek design allows it to be carried anywhere and even perform in areas where a corded one cannot be used. There are advanced models of cordless hammer drills available on the market that can be made multi-purpose by adding some gadgets and attachments.

Uses of Cordless Hammer Drills

Since these tools are designed with a combination of hammers pounding action and the rotary cutting action, they not only provide fast holes with fewer efforts but also provide short rapid thrusts necessary in quick drilling. These tools are best suited for making holes in stone, masonry and are also being used for drilling holes into cement footings as well. The cordless models provides the same results as compared to corded ones, therefore these tools are being extensively used by contracting professionals, home improvement enthusiasts as well as do-it-yourselfers.

Drill models having lower power are referred as hammer drills while those with higher strength are known as rotary hammer. The higher strength models are bigger in size, pack extra impact force and are suitable to doing complex drilling tasks. Now-a-days there are models available on the market that can easily be configured in such a way that it can even perform basic day-to-day jobs of a regular drill.

Selecting the Best Cordless Hammer Drill

While going for a drill you need to consider certain important points on the basis of which you can make a selection.

Corded or Cordless – These are the only options available on the market. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The corded models are designed to provide more power consistently and will be durable, but will require regular supply of electricity and enough space for free movement of the cord. Cordless models on the other hand are more versatile, maneuverable and provide better convenience to use, but they are not as powerful as the corded ones and if you use then for longer periods of time will require recharging and even extra batteries to complete the task.

Type of Job – You selection will rely of the kind of project and the type of job you’re going to execute with the drill. If your have a large project that will take long time to finished, investing in an effective model is beneficial. But, for smaller projects and occasional uses you can get a basic model.

Power- With more power you’ll get the job done quickly, but it will definitely cost you more; therefore choose according to your need and requirement.

Budget – Don’t go for inferior quality product because of low price, always go for top cordless hammer models that are being manufactured by the best brands, as it will last long and serve you better.