Core Abdominal Exercises

Your core is your torso, your back chest and abs. It is the source of your strength, power and vitality. Unfortunately many people overlook exercising to core and concentrate on larger arms or shapelier legs. I am going to tell you how to get those larger arms and shapelier legs and, probably most importantly, six pack abs by exercising the core.

The two main ingredients of getting in shape are burning fat and building muscle. Doing things like sit ups and crunches are good for building muscle. But, if you have more than 10% body fat for a man and 16% body fat for a woman, you will not see the muscle. Sit ups and crunches just do not burn fat. So, you want exercises that will help you burn fat as well as build muscle.

That is why we are going to start lifting weights doing compound or multiple joint exercises. These exercises have a number of benefits. Because they build muscle they also burn fat because muscle weighs more than fat so you are burning it even after you stop exercising. The fat burning benefits are increased because these exercises cause you to exert so much effort that your body goes into a fat burning overdrive for days after the workout.And, they also work your core and abs.

The exercises are things like the clean and jerk, military press, dead lift and squats. Your core and abs get worked even though you might not think so because they are crucial in stabilizing your body during the lifts. If you want something that targets the abs even more you can do renegade rows and dumb bell swings.